Sachi’s Café Bistro offers an exciting, innovative and healthy eight-week menu rotation prepared by top-trained chefs. We also have exclusive gourmet coffee blends for all our clients.

We are pleased to offer Sachi’s Café Bistro Loyalty Cards. These cards can be used as a pre-paid card to easily pay for your meals at a café bistro. Simply ask the cashier for a loyalty card and they will activate it for you.

As an added bonus, every time you pre-load a gift card with $25, Sachi’s Café Bistro will add an extra $5 to your card. This is our way of saying thank you to our loyal and happy customers!

How to activate and load a Sachi’s Café Bistro Loyalty Card:

Only a Sachi’s Café Bistro employee can activate or load your card. You can either use INTERAC, cash or INTERAC e-Transer.

To load your card via e-Transfer, you must send it to the email address of your local café bistro. You can find the email address under Locations. You must also quote the loyalty card number, which is on the back of the card, when sending the e-Transfer. Your specific Sachi’s Café Bistro will then load that specific amount to your loyalty card.